Hero of Grace

Drink this in…

A quarter of a century has gone by since my two-year old daughter Haylie Anne, left my arms to be in Gods. It was September 30, 1986. Twenty-five years is quite a while, even so, at times it seems as yesterday.

When Haylie died I quickly wanted another child, so the void in my heart would be filled, I soon learned the spot she held in my heart was hers; and it remains hers till this day. It is interesting how each child holds a certain place in our heart. I’ve given birth to seven children, as each one arrived, their place in my heart never crowded the other. My heart only expanded and made room for each.

The meaning of Haylie Anne’s name is Hero of Grace. God in all His wisdom allowed a hero of grace disguised as a wide-eyed, precious girl to visit my family. For what purpose? How could such a short life, serve a great purpose? Haylie may have lived only two years but the imprint of her life is still alive.

At her funeral a friend sang a song he composed. The words have never left my remembrance, they  rang; “Haylie chosen of God to do His will on this earth and now the princess has married her prince.”

Haylie was never meant to live a long life, her purpose was fulfilled in God’s perfect timing. Yes, her death was tragic and unexpected, but her life warmed my heart, filled my arms and has lasting effect. In tragedy we can always find  treasure. God has deposited numerous treasures in my life through hers. Because of her I live my life with intensity and intention, loving God and others as if I may not see tomorrow. Mainly, Haylie’s life and death have bridged me to God in a way that nothing else ever has or could. For that I am grateful.

Today, I just want to remember Haylie out loud, and to publicly thank God for His Hero of Grace.

Haylie, until we meet again…

The book Thirsty Heart holds many stories of Haylie and how God used her life and death to shape and save me and my family. Look for it soon!


14 thoughts on “Hero of Grace

  1. Well, you made me cry. I love you and your whole family dearly. You all have always held a special place in my life. I wish you were closer so I could give you a big hug.

  2. Wow..I am so impressed how you put into words the restoration that we know God was able to bring out of such a tragic loss for you. I love you and appreciate you, thank you for sharing.

  3. Just to thank you for sharing this of yourself. Your words reached into me and I ahve shaed this with a number of people who are walking alongside families with recent child berevements in their fellowships.
    Bless you, always know His peace!

    1. Thank you, I appreciate you following the blog. God is so good at restoration! There has been a lot of response to this subject, the next few post will uncover the mystery of finding the treasure in tragedy. I hope it helps those in need!

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