Treasure in Tragedy, part 1

Drink deep…

The Hero of Grace post talked of finding treasure in tragedy, I now realize the need to share; “how” to find treasure in tragedy. Not only in death but all forms of heart-break and devastation.

First, realize suffering is part of life. It is written into every script, no one is exempt–it visits the rich and the poor, young and old, including everyone in between–only the degree and intensity may vary. We live in a fallen world where death, sickness, loss and all forms of sin and suffering abound.

The common question is why? Why would a good God allow suffering to come to good people?  The truth is; God is all good and all-knowing. God is the only answer for life, especially when it hurts. Good and evil are continually at war. It’s interesting how when tragedy strikes everyone blames God. That’s what I did when my daughter died. God helped me through the time of her sickness and death, then I turned right around and became angry with Him. Why? Why do people automatically blame God as if He were the one who brought the calamity?

Remember good and evil? The fact is the devil, the enemy of our soul is evil. His whole purpose is to kill, steal and destroy, even greater, he wants us to curse God. He wants us to lose faith and turn away from the only One who can help us! The devil is worse than tricky, he brings devastating situations into our life that cause heart ache and pain, getting us to turn on our only source of  hope and help–then laughs. Do you know why he laughs? Because his evil plan has left us hopeless. Not only hopeless but angry, bitter and empty without help.

The way (or the how) that I found treasure in the tragedy of my daughter’s death was as follows. The Lord in His grace showed me myself and I was angrily shaking my fist at Him, blaming Him for my pain. He spoke and said why not shake your fist at the devil–the enemy of your soul? Why not shake your fist where it will do you some good? I realized I was basically working against myself, my hard heart towards God and my anger were hurting me and making my situation worse! Again by the grace of God, I turned my fist to the enemy, to the one who came to destroy me and my family, more than that he came to steal our faith and kill us spiritually, hoping that we would spend eternity in hell with him.

I am not a very passive person and believe me when I caught  a glimpse of the devil’s plan and how he got me to turn on God the One who loves me–my only help, I was furious and I still am! All my anger is harnessed and turned against evil. I will not give the devil one inch in my life or in that of my family. When he comes against me and he does quite often, my faith only gets stronger and my dependency on God only increases.

The enemy’s plan for humanity is to turn us against God and to cause tragedy, his hope is that we will not find any treasure in it. God, in deep contrast to the devil, plans that we find good in all that is bad. Understandably, it is difficult to see any ray of sunshine in thick darkness and pain, but guaranteed if we will make a shift in our thoughts towards God, soften our heart and stop blaming Him, we will find just what we need–hope, help and healing–we will find Him.

The big question at this point would be–how? How do I soften my heart towards someone who has allowed this pain in my life? For me the answer was in surrender and trust. I let myself be loved by God. I surrendered to His love and help, then in the place of true love–I found trust. Think about this; if you don’t soften your heart and surrender what are your options? Be angry and become the bitter person everyone avoids? Surrender to the devils plan; curse God, live a miserable life then die and spend eternity with him? If you ask me none of these are even options. Why not get on God’s side where hope, comfort and real love await?

Surrendering to God caused me to find treasure in all situations. The biggest treasure of all is my relationship with God. Part two of this post will give some more “hows” on finding treasure in tragedy, but for now just let the truths above soak in.

“The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life.” John 10:10


2 thoughts on “Treasure in Tragedy, part 1

  1. Well said Regina; we forget that this IS war. And it continues whether or not we choose to enter the fray. I think of you often, and of Haylie, and I am so grateful for all that God has done since that day twenty-five years ago. We fight on, and continue to press in as we battle. Hugs to you all –

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