Earlier this year I had the honor of attending, one of  my good friends, college graduation. Two thousand men and women of all ages were graduating—two thousand people were walking out a dream. Being rewarded for years of hard work. As I observed and listened to the happenings, I began to watch and wonder about certain individuals.

First, a middle-aged women in the orchestra caught my attention, my thoughts were; look at her go, what did she have to do to get that spot in the orchestra, I’m sure she had to audition. She probably has given most of her time energy and talent to this, playing and practicing her whole life. I then looked at the bag pipe players and wondered…of all the instruments to play how did they choose the bag pipes?  What sort of commitment does it take?

The stadium platform was brimming with people of achievement. There was a woman in the military color guard group that presented the flag, my mind drifted thinking about what a woman’s life in the military would resemble and what courage it would take to even join. Impressive titles and accomplishments accompanied the names of the various speakers.

My next thought was about how small my life is—I haven’t done anything impressive with my life, not as these people have. I’ve spent my whole adult life giving birth to, raising and home schooling children. I’ve never really had a job or made any money. I’ve never learned an instrument or took lessons of any sort. I have never traveled and explored the world or even the United States.

I said to the Lord “In comparison to these people, my life is small.” God, my sweet Daddy, reassured me that yes, I have never done what these people have, but I was never called to do what they have done. (Thank you, Daddy)

This truth helps me to put my life into perspective and helps me to remember that my life certainly is not small. Not in God’s eyes anyways.

I recognize that the enemy and our culture, are always trying to get me to look around. To become distracted and unsatisfied with the season of life God currently has me in.

One way the Holy Spirit helps me to handle these sort of lies about myself, is to see what others do and are called to—not as better—but as different. This helps me not to compare myself with others and helps me not judge others as well.

I have been called to bridge my family to God, to lay my life down as a path for them to follow.

Even though I have never done even a small fraction of what those people previously mentioned have, I am most certainly accomplished. Why? How can I say this? Because I have accomplished and will continue to accomplish what God has called me to do. I am living out Gods call for this season of my life.

Today…a cold winters day…I sat almost my whole day reading aloud to my 15-year-old son. I made a hot meal and a tasty dessert, filling the air with the aroma of home. I washed a lot of laundry…I was home when my family returned and left to their various destinations—there to hug, kiss, encourage, listen to and sit with my family.

Although the weather outside was cold and windy, my heart was warm and settled. I thanked God for giving me this season in life where I can love and influence, some very important people.

I love to consider Mary, the mother of Jesus. She was called to nurture the Son of God. Talk about destiny and purpose!

Your life purpose may or may not  include a degree, a performance or even a ceremony celebrating your achievements and hard work. No biggie, think about mom’s and dad’s who faithfully work to provide for their family. Parents who go without, so their family doesn’t have to. Those families who live on one income, so mom can stay home with the kids. Mom’s who spend their life (and body) for a greater cause. Parents who wipe noses and clean bottoms, who pray through the night and sing through the day, those who give love and discipline to children who are much taller than they.

The next time we stand in a room full of achievement filled people, we need not feel small—less than—or even better than them. Not as long as we keep our focus on God and what He has set out, for us personally to do. If we were to shun God’s directives for our life then yes, most definitely—we should feel small and unaccomplished.

With this in mind, let’s live eternally focused setting our gaze ahead—way ahead—where our work is for a non-perishable crown.

Be encouraged, determining yourself to focus on God’s plan for your life. To run with diligence for the prize ahead.

Allow the grace and love of God, to be the wind beneath the wings of your purpose…and…enjoy your life!

Philippians 3:13-14 “Brethren, I do not count myself to have apprehended; but one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind and reaching forward to those things which are ahead, I press toward the goal for the prize of the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.”


10 thoughts on “Accomplished

  1. Amazing how I catch myself doing the same thing. I get distracted with what others have done…and asking God what I am supposed to do. I feel I never do enough. He reminds me that he has a purpose just for me! He’s so good about turning me to face him “keep your eyes on me and you will be just fine…”. It’s then that I press forward with confidence in the plan & purpose he has for me!

  2. Beautiful Regina! Those who seem to be doing “big” things often miss those quiet moments that can never be replaced. Those times at home are bigger than anything else the world can offer.

  3. Great post, Regina! It is amazing all the things that we allow in to make us feel temporarily valuable when the Person who gives us authentic worth never wavers in His estimation of us. And even though I know that, I still have to be reminded of that truth all the time!

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