There Must Be More

Have you ever wondered if there is more to life? I have. I found the answer to this restless search while reading three very aged, but timeless books.

Books written long ago are my favorite reads. I like cutting edge material, but always find myself strolling back in time to books and devotionals written by people who lived and died before my time. These treasures seem to hold simple but to the point truths.

One of these truths being; the secret of the will.

Why secret? Well, unfortunately most of what causes breakthrough in the life of a Christian is generally kept secret from the Christian. The devil is really good at taking a biblical truth and making it seem untruthful, illusive, ridiculous or out-of-date.

The will concept was simply stated by Jesus Himself. In John 5:30 “Because I do not seek or consult My own will (I have no desire to do what is pleasing to Myself, My own aim, My own purpose) but only the will and pleasure of the Father Who sent Me.” Also in Luke 22:42, Jesus is speaking to God the Father saying, “Not My will but Yours be done”

The will is the part of our soul that decides our course of action. It’s the part of us that chooses what we will allow ourselves to do—or not do, what we will think—or not think, what we will feel—or not feel. Our will is the governor of our mind, emotions and heart.

I wasted 25 years of my Christian life before I understood; my will—was not my will—at all. I belong to Christ, bought and paid for by His sacrifice. Therefore my will is His. I’ve given it up in bitter-sweet surrender.

Our will must be given over to God—surrendered. If we are in Him and He is us, then our will cannot be our own.

Once I caught the vision for this truth and embraced it, my life radically improved. Finally, I received the breakthrough I had always been searching and praying for. The “There must be more to life” question residing in my heart, was answered.

How? Why? Once our will is totally surrendered to God, we move into the humble position of knowing Him more. Also with our will in its rightful place of alignment, we stop making so many stupid mistakes in life. Both features—well worth the surrender!

Start with a simple prayer of surrender, God will meet you right where you are. Hint: God’s been waiting for you to give Him your will.

Be encouraged to learn the secret of the will, in doing so you will find the answer to the more question, in your life.

Psalm 143:10 “Teach me to do your will, for you are my God”

Ephesians 5:17 “Therefore do not be unwise, but understand what the will of the lord is.”

The three books referred to above are:
The Practice of the Presence of God. Within its covers are found amazing truths—conversations and letters, from a meager monk-Brother Lawrence. You can print this book for free at or buy it for as little as $2.00, online.

Hannah Whitall Smith wrote The Christian’s Secret of a Happy Life. She was a Quaker rebel, I love her fire. I have only read the book noted above, but at this site you can print and probably download all her books. Hannah Whitall Smith – The Online Books Page

Catherine Marshall’s book; Beyond Ourselves, really grabbed my attention-the title alone speaks for its self! Catherine Marshall felt as if she was writing the book Hannah Whitall Smith wrote, but for her time. I myself, feel as if the book I’ve written is all three of these books mentioned above, written for my time.


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