Skillful Living 101—3 Bow to Relationship

Applying wisdom requires faith. It’s necessary to shift our thinking and believe that the wisdom of God can live in us and yes, we can make deliberate wise decisions.

On that note—I made a decision to restructure the way I write the Skillful Living series. I was trying to make it real short but it lacked depth. I realize even though our culture wants microwave answers to life, I can’t short change God’s Word. Skillful living is worth the time it takes to download the information into our heart and soul so we can apply it to our life. I rewrote Skillful Living 101-3—sorry about how shallow the last one was. The “Tool Box” will have its own blog page…coming soon! I hope you enjoy this series, (I know I will) as together we learn how to live skillfully!

Have you ever heard people talk about choosing the right spouse? Job, house or church? These decisions although very important—are not rocket science. Making right choices takes wisdom; not the wisdom the world or culture has to offer but God’s wisdom—big difference!

The question that always arises is; how do we actually apply the words on the page to our heart and life? How do we make the right decisions?

The answer is not illusive but rather opposing to our human nature. Everything that has to do with the Word of God is in contrast to human nature. Why? Because to apply God’s Word we have to bow our heart, our desires and our soul to it—causing them to take the back seat, letting God take the driver’s seat.

We can read all the Proverbs we want, but if we do not bow to God as Lord of our life we will not live skillfully. The amazing thing about making God Lord of our life is that it’s not this rigid dictatorship but rather an intimate, personal, love relationship with God!

Proverbs 3:6 indicates personal relationship; it reads “In all your ways acknowledge Him” The word acknowledge in the Hebrew is “yada” translated as know, referring to direct intimacy as in marriage. In regards to God the meaning of this word suggests, direct relationship with Him through prayerful conversation. Developing a close personal bond where trust & love abound and are reciprocated.

The word ways in this passage means in all our days. In essence Proverbs 3:6 instills the truth that we should have intimate relationship with God in all our days and in doing so He will direct our path.

You’ve got to love this! The answer to how to live skillfully, to parent wisely, how to find a good spouse, how to avoid pitfalls—is by living in close relationship with God!

The beginning of Proverbs 3 gives skillful living advice for parenting, stating that parents need to use the Word of God to establish good ground rules for their home. It encourages us to engrave His Word on our heart, and to trade our own understanding and wisdom in for God’s infinite knowledge.

Moreover verses 9-10 give financial counsel. As believers we need to recognize giving is not to be a burden, but we are told to honor God with our giving, making it a form of worship not duty. That’s the premise; the promise is—we will have plenty of overflow!

Very crucial guidance for skillful living is found in Verses 11-12; telling us not to despise or reject God’s discipline. A pliable heart and soul that welcomes correction is something we can never outgrow—not if we want to live wisely.

The benefits of wisdom by far out weigh the consequences of stupidity! (Trust me on this one—I have some experience!) Verses 13-18 reveal the treasures of wisdom.

A breath of fresh air is found in verses 21-26. They relay the message that sound wisdom and discretion are life to our soul. Discretion is defined as; the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid embarrassment or distress, good judgment, caution, prudence. I need life to my soul, what about you?

Verses 27-30 basically reiterate the Golden Rule…Do unto others as you would have them do to you!

I love verse 32, it says it all “For the perverse are an abomination [extremely disgusting and detestable] to the Lord; but His confidential communion and secret counsel are with the [uncompromisingly] righteous (those who are upright and in right standing with Him).”

He offers His friendship to the godly! An amazing promise—one to grab a hold of!

Please read and apply Proverbs 3, it can change and enhance your life!

Thanks for reading, comments are always welcome—please share with those who need skillful living advice!

One thought on “Skillful Living 101—3 Bow to Relationship

  1. This is an amazing blog that breaks down Proverbs 3 into bite size bits on wisdom and being able to make wise decisions in choosing spouse, job, house, church, and all other life choices.

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