Thirty years ago, I sat in a bikini in my back yard tanning my pregnant belly. As I soaked up the sun I talked to God. I don’t exactly remember word for word the conversation, but I’ll never forget this one part. We were talking about what to name the wee babe, He said “Name her Faith, because it’ll take faith to give birth to Faith.”

Today Faith turns thirty. 30! Happy Birthday Faith!

Why would it take faith to give birth to Faith?

The backstory…

Four years before Faith was born her two-year-old sister, that she has never met—died. As a mere twenty-four-year-old, I was to say the least—devastated. As was my little family of three. We would never be the same. We didn’t know it then, but God knew, we would be better. Because through the devastation He would heal and rebuild us into something we never could have been if we had not known, loved and lost Faith’s sister Haylie Anne.

I sincerely believe the enemy of our soul tried to annihilate my family. But God had much better plans and they have prospered. The rebuilding started one year after Haylie Anne’s death when I gave birth to an amazing son. God spoke to me saying “he is the rainbow after the storm.” The promise to never again let my world flood with devastation.

Two years later I was window shopping with my Momma in a little boutique where I laid eyes on the most beautiful, little white baby dress. A delicate cotton gown with tiny pink roses on the front bodice. My heart leapt with promise. That night God spoke to me to go buy it and said, “You will dedicate your baby girl in that dress.” Shortly after that, at twelve weeks pregnant, I miscarried a baby boy. We named him Riley. After this moment I held tight to a promise that says “he (Abraham) did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God” Romans 4:20

One year later I gave birth to Faith Arielle Forest

My husband and I sobbed heart wrenching sobs when we first held our faith baby.

For thirty years, God in His faithfulness, uses Faith to speak to me about my faith and His promises.

Today, I celebrate Faith a woman of wonder and beauty, a masterpiece hand crafted by the Father Himself.

And I celebrate my Faithful God from whom all blessings flow.

Now, that devastated little family of three is a flourishing family of twenty-five and counting!


2 thoughts on “F A I T H

  1. Love, love, love!💗
    What a beautiful post and tribute to The Lord’s work of faithfulness and transformation!
    God is So good!

    Sent from my iPhone

  2. Regina, your heartfelt transparency is such a blessing. God continues to bless you and yours….to Him be the glory.

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