Tag: Psalm 33:6 & 9

Word In—Word Out

Do you ever feel stuck? Do you desire to live a life that over comes? More than likely most of us can say yes to these to questions.

I know a simple—but life changing way to get out of the stuck rut and live a life that not only over comes but thrives. I’m not saying I’m an expert at life nor that my life is bad—just saying in living and applying this concept—the days of feeling wedged-in by the cares of life are fleeting.

The concept is Word in—Word out.

It’s as uncomplicated as it sounds. Put the Word of God in and speak it out. What’s difficult about this is remembering to do it throughout our day.

Because we are human and live in a consuming and busy culture—doing this once a day is not as effective as doing it all day. All day?? Yes, all day! We do it all day every day because we need the Word’s truth to be our truth.

The Word of God is alive, active and creative, (Hebrews 4:12, Psalm 33:6 & 9). When ingested it cleanses, comforts, heals and creates. The Word brings life to every thought and situation it touches.

When we take the Word in, we are in essence taking in the presence of God—inhaling Jesus Himself. And when we speak it out, we are breathing the life of God to every situation with our very words. So not only does it change who we are, but it creates new life to all we speak it to.

Most importantly this concept increases our faith. As we speak it out of our own mouth, our ears hear it and begin to believe it.

The way it works (mechanically) is instead of letting our thoughts run wild or consume us, we instead use our idle thought time to take the Word in—and speak it out. A good way to remember is to write an applicable scripture on a note card or sticky note and post it where you’ll see it.

As you put the Word in and speak it out remember to believe it. Believe the truth—the truth that it cannot enter your heart and soul without creating change and imparting hope—hope that changes our perspective causing us to see the beauty of our life through the eyes of Jesus.

Please be encouraged to draw nearer to God by breathing Him in and speaking Him out!