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Perspective Change

Sometimes when life isn’t really life, but just an existence, all we may need is a perspective change.

Here is an example of a perspective change. I’m on vacation at a friend’s house in sunny California, I’m outside sitting at a picnic table, facing their side yard. When I look up I see an empty dog run, dead grass and a junk pilethis is my current perspective.

If I just sat here the whole three days, never shifted, turned or looked around this would be all I see and all I know of my friends dwelling. And when I get home all I would have to say about Teresa’s house is, “they don’t have a dog, never water their grass and don’t make dump runs.”

But if I make a shiftby simply turning, I see a beautiful blue swimming pool with a persuasive diving board. A welcoming out door summer bed, under a covered patio on a spacious with a bamboo ceiling fan slowly cooling the air for the lazy dog laying below it. Painted and restored furniture holding towels and pool toys, hats hung all in a row, potted plants and a BBQ. I spy fruit trees, green grass, a cute chicken coop and a bountiful garden.

From this perspective, when I get home, I will tell my family of all the beauty, creativity and wonder of Teresa’s warm inviting home.

A change in perspective causes us to see our life in a different light. As we shift and turn our heart and life toward faithful Godeverything changes. As we begin to give thanks in all things, not only will our heart soften to God, the One who supplies all things, but our perspective about our life, family, relationships, job, church and circumstances will change for the better.

We will no longer be trapped in the tunnel vision of normalcy but see and find the beauty in the simple and normal of everyday life.

It’s very possible to see that rebellious child as God created him, sweet and tender-hearted. To view lack as an opportunity to depend on God. To find love and grace for trying relationships, to rest in God as healer instead of curse Him with unbelief. Yes, thanking God causes us to see the unlovely through His eyes…restored, whole and enJOYable.

Please be encouraged to shift and turn your life and heart to God by giving thanks for all things large and small, both good and bad.

Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God for you in Christ Jesus Thessalonians 5:18