The Real Story

This is a little embarrassing to admit—but what the heck it’s the truth!
I’ve been a Jesus professing person for over three decades now, and I have just embraced the Real Story about Christianity.

This truth is . . . are you ready for it? It’s so simple . . . but here it is . . . The Cross paid for it all.
What?—you may be asking. This is elementary you may be thinking. Christianity 101—Right?

All true.

I have always believed a portion of this truth, but the totality of it recently arrested and impacted my heart and soul, changing my life.

I believe because of how hard my life has been—I would not allow myself to fully believe the Real Story about The Cross—too many trust issues—too fearful.

Fractional faith was my biggest enemy. I had no doubts about the power of The Cross to heal deep brokenness of my heart and soul.

That’s my story—this is what I preach—Jesus healed all my brokenness. For those of you who don’t know, I was fatherless and abused—from there came promiscuous behavior which led to heartbreak and two abortions—more brokenness. Unfaithfulness and betrayal have marked me—my marriage bottomed out many times. Important relationships failed—leaving deep wounds. Death was my companion with three miscarriages, the death of my two year old daughter and only brother. This was my life.

But Jesus healed all my brokenness. The heartache I’ve experience because of all those things is gone—healed. My heart is now full and whole and I am no longer identified by my past. Faithful Jesus healed it all.

I have no trouble believing He could and will heal brokenness. But when it came to health, finances and blessings I had a really hard time believing I could be blessed by God with good fortune in most areas of my life. And I settled never really expecting much more from God.

Why? Didn’t I read the Bible or hear the sermons, grasp the teachings or read the books and blogs about it? Yes I did, but my faith for those things was weak.

About 20 months ago I began to feel as if something was missing and I knew God was stirring me to greater faith.

I have by no means arrived, but I can say, I now truly believe The Cross paid for everything. I used to read passages of scripture such as Isaiah 51:1-3

Look to Abraham your father, And to Sarah who bore you; For I called him alone, And blessed him and increased him. For the Lord will comfort Zion, He will comfort all her waste places; He will make her wilderness like Eden, And her desert like the garden of the Lord; Joy and gladness will be found in it, Thanksgiving and the voice of melody.

And say yes, I believe that one day this will happen for me. I now read Isaiah 51 and absolutely believe Jesus is the fulfillment of this Word and this is my reality right now. Not when I see it or feel it, but right now I am blessed and increased just like Abraham and Sarah. And today He has comforted every waste place, and turned every desert into the Garden of Eden. Thanksgiving and joy are present now—because of what Jesus did on The Cross for me.

1 Peter 2:24 and Isaiah 53:5 were some of the other scriptures that I chose to ignore because I relied more on my feelings than the truth of the Word.

But He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities; The chastisement for our peace was upon Him, And by His stripes we are healed.

What used to plague me about believing this way was that I did not feel blessed or increased, I did not feel healed.

What changed?
Have I turned into a “name it, claim it” weirdo? Or have I gone overboard into the “extreme grace” camp? No. What’s changed is my faith and expectation in God’s faithfulness.
There has been a shift in my belief system—it’s the love, grace and mercy of God to transform my heart in such a way that’s brought immense hope, freedom and joy to my life.

I had this constant question in my heart that I would ask God (I believe God put it there to stir me) the question was; “What closes the gap between promise and fulfillment? I read a lot of promises in the Bible but I do not see a lot of fulfillment in my life.” I had to be honest. God was not offended with my question but was eager to answer.

The answer to this nagging question—the Real Story—is summed up in one word.


Faith closes the gap between promise and fulfillment.

Do we really believe what God’s Word says? Will we stop weighing His Word against our circumstances and feelings?

If we will, then we’ll be able to walk in the truth and fulfillment of His Word right now. God’s Word is not a story of what might happen—no, it’s a book filled with prophecy of what would happen and a book of truth about what did happen.

What keeps us from living in the fulfillment of His promises in our life? The real story here is also one word.


This makes perfect sense—the opposite of faith is fear.

Instead of being afraid, worried and doubtful, I am choosing to believe—to expect—to have hope—to trust God—to take His Word at face value. To stand on His Word without wavering being fully convinced that what He has promised He IS ABLE to perform.

If you can, grasp this analogy: Some wealthy benefactor has purchased a fully furnished mansion for you—it’s yours, all you have to do is live in it. But instead you choose to pitch a tent on the front lawn, just admiring it from a far—never entering in.

Doesn’t that sound ridiculous?
It’s the same with believing the Word of God. We can admire it and tip toe around it, but unless we step into it with full faith we will never own its promises.

Please be encouraged to join me in this amazing journey of greater faith. To read the Word of God and take it at face value—believing He is the same yesterday today and forever, He is not a man that He would lie and every Word—every promise is yours if you will only believe.

4 thoughts on “The Real Story

  1. Thanks Regina. Really strengthened me today. Faith is the bridge between promise and fulfillment. Believing for a fuller blessing. Jesus paid for it dearly; lets not let that great gift be in vain in any part of our lives.

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